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what to expect next

We love a good referral.

So you've been referred to us, what's next?

Given the high level of service and attention for each client, Walled Lake only accepts new clients through referrals. Existing clients know us best, and if they are introducing us, apart from being a high compliment, they believe you will benefit from the services we offer. The introduction process is below.

The introduction call 

This can be as brief or lengthy as needed. We will ask you a few questions to learn about your situation. You will also learn about our approach and capabilities. We are not everything for everybody, and every client is unique. After this call, you can decide whether the extensive planning process will benefit you, and look to take the next steps.

The initial meeting 

Generally, it is most beneficial if the first meeting is in-person, at our office or yours. Upon meeting us, you will establish a deeper understanding of our team, backgrounds, experience, capabilities, structure and costs. This is a great time to discuss your situation in as much detail as you would like, enabling us to get a head-start.

Working together

Like you, we seek the right fit for our relationships. After these two initial conversations, if everyone feels that it is a good fit, then arrangements will be made to move forward. Ongoing meetings are done in a variety of formats: face-to-face, phone calls, or online. You will even be able to view a shared computer screen from the comfort of your home or office.