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An introduction to the team

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As the Walled Lake team, we try to to espouse certain values: Privacy, Safety, Community, Family, and of course, Planning Ahead.

If you’ve ever seen one of our team discussions, you’ll know that we don’t all share the same opinions. Quite the opposite, in fact. Those vigorous (yet respectful) discussions help expand everyone’s understanding of the world. As a client, you receive the benefit of those thoughtful, coherent views. Every day is an ongoing discussion of the world we all share.

After all - you aren’t a number, you are a person. The same goes for our team. You should know who we are, not only as professionals, but as people.

Over the coming months, you will begin to find our thoughts on those issues, photos from events, and more, on this site.

To start, we’ve got a few photos from our recent tailgating events at every Northwestern Football home game. There are still a few more this season, please join us!

Noel & FamilyShelton having a great time

Playing some gamesTent, Chairs, and the setupMore of the teamNoel in a hat

Some days are chilly